Melissa Etheridge jokingly says she’s ‘worried’ Travis Kelce may ‘retire early’ to be with Taylor Swift

Melissa Etheridge is “worried” Travis Kelce could retire from the NFL to be with Taylor Swift.

“I love that [Swift] loves one of my favorite football players … I think he’s an amazing human being and I think they’re a great couple,” the “I’m the Only One” hitmaker explained on Friday’s episode of Max’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”

I’m just worried he’s gonna retire early to be with her,” she joked with a smile. “That’s the thing I’m worried about.”

Etheridge, 62, theorized that could never happen because “all those guys are way too professional, as she is, to let anything be a distraction.”

Kelce, 34, who is readying himself along with the Kansas City Chiefs to face off against the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11, has already confirmed he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon despite admitting he thinks about retirement “more than anyone could ever imagine.”

“I just have no reason to stop playing football. I love it,” he told reporters in January ahead of the Chiefs’ game against the Miami Dolphins.

“We still have success. Come in with the right mindset, and I just love the challenge it gives me every single day to try to be at my best.”

He also assured fans that he is focused on winning his third Super Bowl ring.

“You hear the media throughout the year, if we’re not having success, maybe throw it out there that I wasn’t focused or the team isn’t focused on certain things,” he explained to reporters last week.

“If you’re in this building, you know exactly what’s going on.”

The star tight end also confirmed he would not be attending the Grammys on Sunday with his nominated girlfriend because he needs to stay in Kansas City to practice.

Furthermore, his quarterback and close pal Patrick Mahomes previously praised him for staying focused and keeping grounded despite dating Time’s 2023 Person of the Year.