Lil Wayne offers up important advice to LSU’s Angel Reese

Rap icon Lil Wayne steps in with crucial advice for LSU women’s basketball sensation Angel Reese.

Louisiana native and rapper Lil Wayne shared some important advice with LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese recently. Known affectionately as “Bayou Barbie,” Reese has become a prominent figure in NCAA basketball. However, her journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges, most recently her four-game absence this season.

Lil Wayne, familiar with the pressures of early fame from his time with Cash Money Records, understands the intricacies of living in the limelight. In a recent podcast for Bleacher Report, he emphasized his support for women’s basketball and took the opportunity to offer Reese guidance.

“Angel’s a smart, smart young lady, very smart. She takes time to think about the decisions she’s gonna make, rather than your opinion in right or wrong, she takes time to think about them before she makes ’em… Angel has reached out to me before, not even about this situation,” Lil Wayne said. “”The advice I would give her, though… is just embrace every part of it, you know, embrace every single part of it – ’cause if you do, you will know it will never be always amazing. It will never be always good. It will probably be the majority tough, not bad, but it will be majority tough, so you’ll enjoy the good and the amazing much more.”

As Reese continues to be a dominant force in college basketball, her focus on mental well-being remains a priority. She has openly discussed the importance of self-care, stating, “My mental health is the most important thing before anything.

“I’m going to make sure I’m OK before anything because I don’t want to cause harm or any cancer within the locker room,” she said. “So being able to take a reset to myself. Like I said before, I am human. I’m not just an athlete, and that’s OK to do.”