The Kelce brothers have said the nickname multiple times on their “New Heights” podcast.

Travis Kelce reupped his regal nickname for his sister-in-law Kylie Kelce.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was reading fan mentions on the Jan. 31 “New Heights” podcast episode, which he co-hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, where he delightfully referred to his sister-in-law as “Princess Kyana,” a spin on the royal title of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Our first fan mention is from Princess Kyana herself,” he said. “That’s right, Kylie Kelce, who commented on the video of Jason, talking about the shirtlessness.”

Travis Kelce was referring to the now-iconic moment when Jason Kelce, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, took his shirt off after his younger brother scored a touchdown during the Jan. 21 matchup between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.

Jason Kelce spoke about the moment on the Jan. 24 podcast episode, where he said he told his wife, “I’m not asking for permission, I’m doing this,” seconds before he ripped his shirt off. Then, Kylie Kelce responded to the quote with a reference to her weekslong push to get their family a feline friend: “’I’m not asking for permission, I’m doing this.’ — the exact quote I will say when I’m grabbing the keys to go get a cat.”

But how did the nickname Princess Kyana, a mashup of Kylie Kelce’s and Diana’s names, come to be?

Kylie Kelce’s nickname first appeared on the “New Heights” podcast during the Nov. 15 episode, where Jason Kelce was spreading the word about a kelly green Philadelphia Eagles jacket up for a charity auction — signed by none other than his wife.

“For those of you that don’t know… in Philadelphia, this jacket is actually known as the Princess Diana jacket because there is an iconic photo of Princess Diana wearing this kelly green Eagles jacket,” Jason Kelce said. “The Eagles Autism Foundation is auctioning off this jacket that was inspired by Princess Diana and they decided to use none other than Kylie Kelce to model it this year.

Travis Kelce responded by squealing in delight: “Princess Kylie!”

He then smiled as he cracked his pun: “Princess Kyana.”

“Princess Kyana,” Jason Kelce repeated through laughter.