King Charles’ shuns Prince Harry while defending Prince Andrew ‘tooth and nail’

A royal historian has just weighed in on the alleged hypocrisy that stains King Charles’ attempts at protecting Prince Andrew.

All of these statements have been presented by royal historian Andrew Lownie.

He weighed in on things during one of his most recent pieces for the Daily Mail.

In this piece the historian referenced the lack of transparency when it comes to matters of the Royal Family, as they have locked away docs related to the court case, till 2065.

In light of this, he wrote, “I have made some 40 FOI requests to the two departments which coordinated his activities for a decade – International Trade and the Foreign Office – with inside help from diplomats who organised the trips and who drafted the communications.”

“My requests include the communications to and from the particular embassies he visited with the exact dates of the trips, details of who accompanied him, his schedule etc.”

But after all of that Mr Lownie admits, “I have had contradictory and very limited responses.”

So much so that it’s becoming apparent that the monarchy “do not want us to know anything about His Royal Highness’s taxpayer funded employment.”

“Sometimes they say they hold so much material that I need to narrow my request but when I do so I am then told they have nothing. “

He also added, “Often they will aggregate very different requests and then refuse them on the grounds of cost compliance or say they are vexatious. Many of the refusals are down to semantics.”

“They will claim they cannot ‘identify’ any telegrams which may be down to the limited search they have undertaken or deny they have any telegrams so I have to rephrase asking for e-grams, letters and emails,” Mr Lownie also added before signing off.

Prince Harry’s Plans for Christmas:
According to reports by ITV report from royals editor Chris Ship, a source close to Montecito revealed the family’s plans for Christmas.

Per their findings, “Harry looks upset and heartbroken for not being invited by his father to join him at royal Christmas.”

“He is shattered and frustrated over the Christmas snub from his father. It seems the setback is hard for him to digest.”