Kim Kardashian was ‘rattled’ by savage BOOING at Tom Brady roast and felt ‘blindsided’ by crowd who threw Taylor Swift feud in her face with brutal chants of ‘ThanK you aIMee’..

Kim Kardashian was blindsided by the ‘brutal’ reception she received while roasting Tom Brady live on Netflix, with the reality star left upset at the sheer number of boos, insiders have claimed.

Kim, 43, was skewered by the audience as she took to the podium at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on Sunday night, to roast the NFL champ for The Greatest Roast of All Time, which was broadcast live on the streaming platform on Sunday night.

Kim attempted to crack a joke about host Kevin Hart‘s height as she addressed the audience with a glass of champagne in hand, but she was booed heavily, with the comedian appearing to step in to help ease the tension.

Kim expected some jokes to be sent her way, maybe some backlash because there are always haters, but this was way more than she ever expected,’ an insider told exclusively. ‘She was thrown off her game and it caught her off guard.

‘She tried to take it in stride because it is a roast, but she didn’t like the boos. It made her upset, but a day or two removed from being in the lions den, she is OK with it, but Sunday night was brutal and really rattled her.’

Her frosty reception came seconds after she took to the stage while launching into a joke, telling Kevin: ‘I know a lot of people make fun of your height.’

Kim appeared to double take at the reaction before attempting to claw back the crowd, shouting: ‘Alright, alright, alright.’