Jason Kelce 4 – year Old Daughter “Wyatt” Expression melt heart when she saw Taylor Swift at the Grammys, receiving award.. “Mom I want to be like her” Says 4 year old Girl

It looks as though Travis Kelce’s niece approves of his new possible love interest, Taylor Swift!

The four-year-old daughter of Jason Kelce has been declared a Swiftie in an adorable TikTok video as she learned all the basics about football.

Jason’s wife, Kylie, took to the video-sharing platform on Monday to share the sweet clip of their young daughter, Wyatt, learning the names of her dad’s Philadelphia Eagles teammates.

The youngster quizzed her parents as she repeatedly asked: “Whose that?” when she pointed at the TV in an attempt to learn who her dad plays football with.

Kylie captioned the heart-melting clip: “Just another swiftie tryna learn football, or a kid tryna avoid a nap. Who knows?”

The telling caption didn’t get past fellow Swifties, who were sent into a frenzy after learning Wyatt is a Taylor fan.