“I Love You”: Randi Mahomes Pens Heartfelt Message to Patrick Mahomes as Chiefs QB Secures Super Bowl Ticket

Patrick Mahomes and the men in red defeated Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. They will now be competing against the San Francisco 49ers for Super Bowl LVIII at the Allegiant Stadium. Nothing can be more rewarding for a mother to see her child be revered for all his efforts. The same was the case with Randi Mahomes, as she couldn’t keep her happiness from the world.

She made a post on Instagram praising her Quarterback son with a touch of nostalgia. One could get the feel of the unwavering love and support that the Kansas City Chiefs QB gets from his friends and family, especially his mother. The new post was just a noteworthy reminder of the same emotion!

Randi Mahomes wants the best for Patrick Mahomes!

After the AFC title win, the mother-son duo took a selfie on the sidelines. Their smiling faces revealed the excitement that both had after Mahomes secured a ticket to the Super Bowl. Randi Mahomes made a nostalgic note in the caption of her post while uploading the same picture, noting how the QB always had something he wanted to catch.

She wrote, “I can literally say I can’t remember a time you didn’t have a ball in your hand or something you wanted to play catch with. Easter egg, gum ball, or even socks. I’m super proud of you and I admire your hard work and dedication. I love you and so proud. Enjoy every moment son.”

Her emotions reflected the pride she felt for her older son as he traverses in the competitive NFL world, securing another Super Bowl spot. This is Kansas City Chiefs’ 4 Super Bowl appearance in the last 5 years. If Mahomes keeps the same spirit up, the Chiefs will go down with a Patriots-like legacy, with him taking up Tom Brady’s legendary role for his side.

She has all the reasons to be proud of her son as he and Travis Kelce made history together. The QB has been successful in getting the team right back on track after a slightly deviated regular season. For a while, the Chiefs were shaky, but now they seem all set for the last challenge on their way.
A brief look into Patrick Mahomes’ season

The season had its ups and downs for the Chiefs’ QB. At some point, people lost trust in the Kansas City Chiefs when their players started dropping passes and messing up simple plays. But Mahomes prepped the team, of course with HC Andy Reid’s help, and got them back on track once again.