How Taylor Swift’s Concert Schedule Impacted the NFL’s Upcoming Season.

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is seemingly impacting more than just Ticketmaster’s economy but the 2024 NFL season schedule as well.

This fall, the 34-year-old pop superstar will bring her top-rated Eras tour back to North America, and some of these sold-out shows are set to take place at the country’s largest stadiums. Because of this, the league had to keep Swift’s massive schedule of concert dates in mind when planning games at stadiums across the country ahead of the new season, which kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 5, according to statements by Mike North, the vice president of broadcast planning for the NFL.

Take the “Fortnight” songstress’ October 2024 concert lineup as an example. From Friday, Oct. 18, through Sunday, Oct. 20, she’ll be on stage at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, which is also home to the Miami Dolphins. So, instead of playing home games, the NFL team will be away for Week 7 of the season, playing against the Colts in Indianapolis.

Come Week 8, when Swift is set to perform three consecutive nights of shows (Oct. 25 through Oct. 27) at the Caesars Superdome–the New Orleans Saints’ home field–the Saints will be headed to a game against the Chargers in Los Angeles.

Then, as Swift wraps up the end of her stateside Eras concerts at Lucas Oil Stadium–Colts’ home stadium–at the beginning of November and Week 9 of the season, the pro football league scheduled the Indiana-based team to play the Vikings in Minnesota.

That said, North also suggested it was “pure coincidence” that Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to play just two hours away from a city hosting an installment of the Eras tour during Week 11 of the upcoming football season.

On Sunday, Nov. 17, the Chiefs are set to play in Buffalo around the same time Swift will be just over the border in Canada, as she has Eras tour dates scheduled in Toronto for the weekend before (Nov. 14-16) and days after (Nov. 21-23) the game–making her appearance at the game in Western New York quite possible.

While her attendance is purely speculation, we already know from last season the impact the “Taylor Swift effect” can have on the business side of the sport, making the NFL’s “coincidental” scheduling a rather happy accident for ticket sales and stadium attendance as Swifties vie for a chance to see the pop star in real life.