“Why did he do that? Why did he push that older man?”

Super Bowl 58 made a lot of headlines last night as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. In one particularly tense moment, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce appeared to scream at Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

On TODAY Monday morning, Hoda Kotb said her daughters noticed the skirmish.

“When Travis Kelce pushed his coach, my daughter said, ‘Why did he do that? Why did he push that older man?’ Hoda said. “[Kelce] was frustrated he wasn’t in the game, there was a fumble, all that frustration. But all a little kid saw was a ‘strong guy pushing an older man.'”

“I’m with Haley,” Jenna Bush Hager responded. “I was the Haley of that situation. I kept asking Henry, ‘What’s happening here?’ You want to be a team, and part of being a team is you respect the coach. Its sportsmanship. And I was trying to teach my kids that.”

Hoda, who nodded throughout Jenna’s speech, said, “It’s weird because I don’t think so many young girls have been into football until this game. I don’t know that my daughters would have been watching it … for him,” she concluded, implying Travis Kelce.

Jenna jumped in to mention that Nickelodeon showed the game last night, complete with pouring virtual “slime” on some of the players. “My eldest, Mila, went to a Super Bowl party,” said Jenna, and then jokes that Mila now has friends “outside her mother.”

“So what was the deal with, like, the slime pouring on the football player’s head?” Mila asked her mother after the party.

“Mila, were you watching it on Nickelodeon?” Jenna’s husband Henry responded.

Mila said, “Was there a normal way to watch it?”

When Jenna and Henry asked how Mila liked watching the Super Bowl on Nickelodeon, she said, “Mid.”

Jenna indicates that in tween slang “mid” means “medium” or “so-so.”

“Henry and I were like, ‘It probably was kind of mid,'” she said with a laugh.