Fans Accuse Taylor Swift Of Giving Travis Kelce A Hickey After Camera’s Caught A Noticeable Mark On His Neck (VIDEO)….

Eagle-eyed fans may have just exposed a cheeky Travis Kelce secret. During the Chiefs’ latest game against the New England Patriots, some particularly focused spectators spotted a mark on the player’s neck… which, as many have pointed out, looked suspiciously like a hickey.

The mark, which could have also plausibly have been caused by a blow during the game, sparked plenty of speculation from fans who were overwhelmingly convinced it was a love bite caused by his partner Swift.Some even suggested that Kelce’s decision to wear a turtleneck jumper to the game was a clear giveaway. “That is why he is wearing turtlenecks,” said one. “He did wear a turtleneck,” affirmed another. “I saw it live and I knew it was a hickey,” confirmed one fan.