Turns out Taylor’s cute ring was a gift from Donna ❤️

Taylor Swift appears to be seamlessly fitting in with the Kelce family—and by that I mean she and Donna Kelce are out here wearing matching jewelry.

Taylor was spotted fully decked out in Chiefs-themed jewelry during Sunday’s game—including an EB&Co ring with Travis’ jersey number on it, which is available for pre-order for just $14!

According to the brand’s owner Emily Bordner, Taylor’s ring was actually sent to Donna—meaning Donna gave it to Taylor. “We gifted Donna some [styles]. We know that she loved our earrings,” Emily told KMBC, via Page Six. “We wanted to gift her even more Kelce-themed products. So, we sent those to her and then we were hoping that she would give them to Taylor. And she did. It immediately went on fire. Everything is insane. The site apparently slowed down because there were so many people on it. We sold out of things immediately. It was just absolute chaos, but it was very exciting. So, this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

Meanwhile, Donna was spotted (pic over this way) wearing a pair of earrings that matched Taylor’s ring, which are $22 and available for pre-order:

They’re both wearing something to support Kelce,” Emily told Page Six. “And like, if I wanted to win over the mom of someone I was dating, I would wear what they gifted me!”

Welp. Guess there’s nothing left to do but join everyone else and pre-order these items. See ya!