Donna Kelce make plans to spend Christmas with Jason over Travis and Taylor Swift

Donna Kelce, mother of Jason and Travis Kelce, is going to spend Christmas in Philadelphia to watch the Eagles host the New York Giants. She will not be able to attend the Kansas City Chiefs’ home game against the Las Vegas Raiders, where Taylor Swift will be present.

The mother of two usually makes traveling arrangements to be in attendance for both her sons’ games, but this time logistics were much too difficult due to the holiday season.

“I will be in Philadelphia for Christmas, spending time with my grandkids as we cheer on their dad,” Donna told People Magazine. “I understand that it’s part of the job (holiday games). I embrace the holiday games and enjoy the special days with our football family.”

It’s understandable that Donna wants to spend Christmas with her three grandchildren: Wyatt, 3, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 9 months. Jason’s wife, Kylie, will also attend his Christmas game.

Ed Kelce, the brothers’ father, will also be in Philadelphia on Christmas, according to Jason’s wife Kylie.

“Jason’s dad will usually be over because he’s just around the corner as long as he’s not in Kansas City,” Kylie told People on Saturday. “But Jason’s parents usually try to split the holidays to make sure that one parent is with one brother and one parent is with the other.”

Both parents will be with Jason for the holidays, but it’s only because they want to visit their grandchildren on Christmas.