“Distraction”: Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Romance Blamed After Kansas City Chiefs Lose Again

Santa brought the Las Vegas Raiders a win against the Kansas City Chiefs, a loss that some commentators are placing on Taylor Swift’s shoulders.

Now that’s dedication. If you were a billionaire with the freedom and means to do anything on Christmas Day, would you spend the holiday in a drafty football stadium in Missouri? Unless Taylor Swift is reading this, everyone here just muttered “no.” But Swift said “yes,” even though certain Brads, Chads, and a Skip appear to be marshaling forces against her.

As you, of course, expected by now, Swift—who will remain on break from her Eras Tour until February—was at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday to watch her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, in their Christmas Day game against the Las Vegas Raiders

Swift arrived at the game with Santa Claus on Monday, which suggests that the jolly elf has joined Swift’s so-called Squad. He’s also apparently a Chiefs fan, based on his hat and scarf.

As a longtime Bay Area resident, I honestly would have been surprised to learn the seeming pacifist was a member of Raider Nation, so his choice of teams at this matchup makes sense. (Raiders fans, any hate mail you send me over this passing remark will only prove my point!)

Swift’s fellow members of the Chiefs Kingdom seemed excited to welcome Swift—or as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes refers to her, “part of the team”—to Monday’s game, as she took her place in her usual box. But this time, Santa was by her side for the matchup.

It was then that we learned the limits of Kris Kringle’s powers. Though Swift wore a Santa hat with Kelce’s numbers on the brim—and had one of the world’s most magical people at her side—the Chiefs fell to the Raiders 20-14. This, though the Chiefs were widely expected to have a holiday triumph.