Sᴜper Βᴏwl 2024: Dᴏnna Kelce reveals the reaꜱon for ꜱetting her new profile photo to a photo of Taylor Swift, Dᴏnna Kelce expresses her deep admiration for Taylor Swift, praiꜱing her intelligence and delightfᴜl company ꜱhe genuinely wishes that her ꜱon Travis Kelce doesn’t lose such a wonderfᴜl preꜱence in his life.”

Donna Kelce was “trying not to sound too enthusiastic” but ended up seeming “underwhelmed,” according to the WSJ. Travis Kelce called his mother shortly after the “Today” interview to reassure her that she handled the questioning well, the publication added.

Now speaking more openly about her son’s relationship, Donna Kelce told the WSJ that the Chiefs player is happy.“He’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time,” she said. “God bless him, he shot for the stars!”

During her appearance on “Today” last month, Donna Kelce played coy when asked about meeting Swift, weeks after she was photographed with the pop star at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.“It’s fairly new, so I don’t like to talk about it,” Donna Kelce said about her son’s budding romance at the time.

When asked what it was like watching some of her son’s football games with Swift, Donna Kelce responded, “It was OK.”Donna Kelce, who is also mom to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, has since seemed to have a bit of fun with the media frenzy surrounding her son’s relationship with Swift.

Last week, she shared a meme on social media that poked fun at both of her sons with a throwback photo of the brothers from their college football days.“One of these guys is a finalist for Sexiest Man Alive and the other is dating Taylor Swift,” the meme read, referencing Jason Kelce’s recent consideration for People’s Sexiest Man Alive title. “There’s still hope for you.”

Donna Kelce has opened up on her decision to change her Facebook profile picture just days before Super Bowl LVIII, as she revealed that she did not plan on doing so until she got caught up in the moment after Kansas City’s AFC Championship win.

Appearing on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday, the mother of two, who was just unveiled as Ziploc’s first-ever Chief Leftover Officer (CLO), revealed that she wasn’t ‘calculating’ anything by wanting a group photo with others, including Taylor Swift, who also happened to be in the Chiefs’ suite to watch the win over the Ravens in Baltimore, a fortnight ago.

‘That was a picture where all of us were so excited that we were in the suite and we were so excited that [the Chiefs] made it to the Super Bowl that we just took a shot of everybody that was there!,’ said Donna at first.

‘It wasn’t anything like calculating or anything like that… it just was everybody that was supporting my son and I was so happy to put that picture on Facebook.’

Much to the delight of his entourage, Kelce scored an early touchdown in that game – a showdown that many thought the Chiefs would lose – before also overtaking Jerry Rice’s incredible record of 151 postseason receptions.

Donna Kelce told The Today Show that she didn’t plan on calculating her social media update.

The 34-year-old tight end charged his team to a 17-10 win before he got emotional in the team’s postgame celebrations, with Taylor, Donna, his older brother (and Eagles center) Jason, and his father Ed, all there to celebrate the occasion of his fourth Super Bowl appearance in the last five seasons.

Speaking ahead of the Chiefs’ departure for Las Vegas, last week, Kelce hailed his family and Taylor’s influence on his preparations to games this season.

‘It’s another memory in the journey we get to cherish, man,’ Kelce said. ‘I’m fortunate that I have all the support I need off the field and it gives me a reason to play that much harder, the people you just mentioned.’

The eight-time Pro Bowler is also feeling the pressure to ‘bring home some hardware’ after his popstar girlfriend won her fourth career Grammy for album of the year this past Sunday.

‘She’s unbelievable, she’s rewriting the history books herself,’ Travis said Monday night at Allegiant Stadium, where the Chiefs will meet the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Travis hailed the impact that both his family and Taylor had on him before games this season

‘I told her I’ll have to hold up my end of the bargain and bring home some hardware, too.’

The romance between Swift and Kelce, which NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he ‘couldn’t have scripted,’ has been the talk of the league this season, with her appearances at Chiefs games generating intense interest from her legion of Swifties.

‘She’s definitely brought a lot of new faces to the game and it’s been fun to experience that,’ Kelce said. ‘She seems to be enjoying the games and she’s a part of Chiefs Kingdom right now.

‘It’s fun seeing her enjoy the game of football knowing that it’s kind of new to her life.’