Coco Gauff teases Her Brother as Ridiculous ‘$5’ Expectation Leaves Him Stressed

Coco Gauff had to go through a challenging set of opponents as she made her way to the top of the US Open. While the tennis star became fans’ favorite after achieving the enormous feat at such a young age, she received an increase in followers, both in real life as well as on social media.

As the 2023 tennis season came to an end, allowing players to spend quality time with their loved ones, Coco Gauff recently treated her Instagram followers with a funny video of teasing the innocent act of her youngest brother Cameron.

In a recent Instagram story, young tennis star Coco Gauff shared a side of her family life that many could relate to. While the 19-year-old is spending quality time with her family before the upcoming season starts, she shared a funny moment that made fans laugh. The tennis star’s younger brother, Cameron Gauff, became the main highlight as he confidently attempted to fill up the family SUV with just $5!

Captioned with a witty tease from big sister Coco, the video captured Cameron’s innocent effort to fill up the SUV. “He is stresseddd! Idk what world this kid thought he could fill up a huge SUV for $5,” Coco playfully wrote, adding a poking response over his brother’s cute and innocent demand.

As the tennis star shared the video on her Instagram, fans related to the moment as similar ones keep occurring with every other family that has elder and younger siblings. Along with revealing the fun holiday, the video also gave a hint of Gauff’s strong connection with her siblings.

Earlier this year, young American champion Coco Gauff shared another moment of her adorable relationship with her brother. She took to social media to convey love and birthday wishes to her little brother, Codey Gauff, who touched the mark of 16! As the 19-year-old eldest sibling shared pictures of her sibling’s childhood, she couldn’t stop herself from expressing her feelings with a caption.

Happy birthday lil bro. Big 16!!! Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader. Love you. Enjoy it,” Gauff wrote, as a lovable response to her brother. As the tennis star keeps updating fans with the admirable connection of the siblings, fans keep waiting for similar moments to witness the witty side of their favorite tennis star.