Coco Gauff Takes Cue From Rival Iga Swiatek as She Turns ‘Pirate’ in an Ingenious Training Move

Tennis players are giving it their all, as they are utilizing their time to practice for the upcoming season. And one of the players who hit it out of the park in 2023 is Coco Gauff, who is now also utilizing her time to better her performance for the 2024 season that’s almost here, starting with the first grand slam, the Australian Open

However, as Coco Gauff shared a video of herself playing on the tennis court, practicing for her matches, there was a weird thing that her fans noticed. Gauff had a unique element to her overall outfit that made everyone wonder.

After winning her first grand slam in 2023 at the US Open, Coco Gauff is all set to win more in the 2024 season. However, to be able to achieve more, practice is the key, which she has been focusing on greatly in the past few months. And with the off-season right now, this seems to be the right time for her to do that. But today, when Coco Gauff posted a story on her official Instagram channel, the one thing that stood out was the fact that she was wearing an eye patch while playing tennis.

Gauff even wrote, “Pirate” on her video with a patch. Even though we are not sure what or why this might be the cause, we are sure there is a logical reason behind it.

It is so because earlier this year, in August, another tennis player, Iga Swiatek, posted her video of practicing on the court, and in the video, she had a weird thing going on her face, and that was a tape on her mouth. Fans were weirded out by this fact, but Swiatek had her reasons to do it, which were shared later.

After people saw the video of Iga Swiatek practicing on the court with a tape over her mouth, they had all sorts of reactions. However, one of the fans, who was also a nutrition writer, added the reason on the social media platform about how nasal breathing can help increase efficiency in breathing, which further equals better performance.

The nutrition writer Jeffrey Boadi also explained how nasal breathing has many other benefits, like lower lactic acid levels, less inflammation, etc. So, we are sure that even Coco Gauff might have a reason for the sport or her health to be practicing like this. What do you think?