Cameras Caught Patrick Mahomes Having Heated Sideline Moment With His Offensive Line

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes snagged the attention of television cameras in Week 16 during an animated sideline outburst during his team’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day.

Mahomes was seen angrily yelling at his offensive linemen on the bench after a first quarter in which the Chiefs recorded minus-18 yards of total offense.

It’s not the first time Mahomes has been captured on camera with a disgruntled attitude. In the Chiefs’ 20—17 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Dec. 10, the two-time Super Bowl champ exploded after the game, appearing to criticize officials for a pivotal offsides call.

Early in the game, however, one could argue Mahomes has no one but himself to blame.

The Chiefs trailed the Raiders, 17—7, at halftime after two ugly turnovers led to two Las Vegas defensive touchdowns late in the second quarter. Mahomes completed 13 of 21 passes for 97 yards with an interception in the first half.