Barkley declared on his CNN program ‘King Charles’ this week that NFL fans who claim Swift “ruined football” are “just a loser.”

Brittany Mahomes has Taylor Swift’s back!

Mahomes, 28, defended her friend on Instagram Friday, when she cosigned a take from NBA great and analyst Charles Barkley, who argued this week that any football fan who claims Swift “ruined” football is just a “loser.”

“Let. Them. Know.” Mahomes wrote on her Instagram Stories alongside a quote from Barkley’s CNN program King Charles.

Mahomes’ post comes just days after the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, 60, defended Swift, 34, during a Wednesday episode of his with Gayle King.

“If you’re screaming at Taylor Swift saying she ruined [football], you’re just a loser. You’re just a loser or a jackass,” Barkley declared on air. “You can be A or B.”

Bob Costas, who appeared alongside King and Barkley during the discussion, then added that “a lot of people who don’t watch football all year long” tune into the Super Bowl — where Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, Mahomes’ husband Patrick and the Kansas City Chiefs are set to take on the San Francisco 49ers on Feb. 11.

“So for people all of a sudden, because they don’t like something about Taylor Swift. Either they don’t like the Chiefs, or they inferred that Taylor Swift might not be a Trumper, then they’re annoyed by Taylor Swift,” Costas said. “I can guarantee you that all this news on Fox News would not be happening if she was wearing a MAGA hat. They would love it.”

King then pointed to “all the new” viewers that Swift has “brought to the NFL.”

“It’s hard to imagine the Super Bowl could have a larger rating but in a small percentage it may even up that,” Costas said, sharing that the NFL “tapped into another demographic” with Swift’s appearances.

“And in terms of merchandise sales, the Travis Kelce jerseys and all the rest, and the attention to regular season games, the NFL reigns supreme not only over sports but over all of American entertainment,” he continued.