Breaking News: Taylor Swift Hit Back So many people want my relationship with Travis Kelce to be trashed and broken. If you are a fan of mine and you want my relationship to continue and stand strong, let me hear you say a big YES!”

During a Kansas City Chiefs press conference. Discussing his new level of fame, Kelce told reporters it would be “silly” to say he didn’t “notice it go up” given last year’s Super Bowl win and how he lives his “off-field life.”

“I brought this upon myself and I do enjoy having fun with it all,” Kelce said. “My biggest thing is making sure my focus is right here in this building.”

Focus, of course, being the key word. Following some Chiefs losses earlier this season, Kelce’s dedication to football“It’s just outside noise, dealing with others’ perspectives of things,” Kelce said of criticism. “You hear the media throughout the year if we’re not having success—you know, maybe throw it out there that maybe I wasn’t focused or that the team isn’t focused on certain things. If you’re in this building, you know exactly what’s going on, so you got to compartmentalize what you’re hearing and make sure you’re staying on task and giving everybody in that building and on that team the right perception when you walk in that building.”

But that’s not the reason Swiftieshas received more than 250,000 views and 23,000 likes. “You just love to hear it—signs of a happy, healthy couple.”

“He is totally in it. They are happy. It’s love. That’s it,” one of many users replied to the fan video. Another wrote, “You know, at first I wasn’t that into it with them but I’ve changed my mind. I’m all in. Hope this is the endgame.