Breaking news : Patrick Mahomes confirmed wife Brittany Pregnancy revealed they are having another boy ” 2 week gone”

The reasoning behind the nickname Bronze is pure gold.

NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared how his and wife Brittany Mahomes’ newborn son, Patrick Lavon Mahomes III, was given the nickname Bronze. And it’s all thanks to Patrick’s little brother Jackson Mahomes.

“My brother Jackson, whenever we were trying to find something that was a little unique and different, he said, ‘What about Bronze? It fits perfectly with Sterling,'” Patrick told reporters Nov. 30, per TMZ. “So, we went with that.”

Patrick noted that the title is a total touchdown not only for its similarity to big sister Sterling, who they welcomed in February 2021, but also for the fact it gives his son a unique moniker.

“It works out well,” he added. “He can have his own thing now where he’s not Patrick, he’s Bronze, even though he’s Patrick. And, Sterling and Bronze can have that connection moving forward.

As for how welcoming their newest teammate has been, Patrick said, “It’s awesome to bring in a son, to add to my family and everything went great and everything went smooth. Brittany is a champ.”