Breaking news : Chiefs’ Travis Kelce confirmed He is arrived to Australia for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

It appears Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is headed to Australia to support Taylor Swift.

Kelce is reportedly traveling to Australia to support Swift during the latest leg of her Eras Tour in Sydney, which runs from Feb. 23 to Feb. 26, according to Elle’s Naomi May.

“Swift has sent her private jet to Hawaii from Sydney, where she is based for her next string of shows, amid reports she is flying Kelce to Australia to join her on her tour,” May wrote.

The three-time Super Bowl champion hinted that he would be traveling to Australia during the latest episode of his New Heights podcast with his brother Jason Kelce, saying, “I’m about to go venture to an island real soon.”

When Jason asked where he’s going, Travis replied, “I think the best ones are south.”

Swift traveled from Tokyo, Japan, to Las Vegas—flying through 17 time zones—to support Travis in Super Bowl 58 against the San Francisco 49ers, so it’s no surprise he intends to go to the Eras Tour.

Kelce previously saw the Eras Tour at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium and he also flew to Argentina for the concert in November.