Bill Maher Jokes declaration on why he was despised on Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift is despised by “MAGA Nation” because she is “a blond billionaire with a cult Video” …😱

In his monologue during Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher, after joking that “Taylor Swift won the Super Bowl,” identified the reason he thinks conservatives hate her so much.

Swift, Maher said, “drives MAGA nation crazy because one thing they cannot stand is a blonde billionaire with a cult following.” Get it?

After this, Maher moved on to the horrific mass shooting that occurred during the parade for the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, making a needless transphobic joke we won’t note here before moving on to Donald Trump.

“While Trump is running around the country trying to balance his… busy schedule, you know, he’s running in all the primaries, and he’s got four trials going today.

Noting that the first criminal trial Trump has coming up involves the Stormy Daniel hush money case, Maher quipped, “only Trump could pay hush money to someone who was too embarrassed to talk about it to begin with.”

Maher then lamented that it’s 2024 and Trump has still not actually been brought to trial for his crimes related to Jan. 6. “I don’t know where all the time went. We had a lot of time to do this.

But that’s Trump’s tactic, to stall and delay it, to stall and delay, to try to get out of it. Same tactic Melania uses in the bedroom,” Maher said, referring to Trump’s wife.

“He used Valentine’s Day,” Maher continued, “Trump did this year. Just to give a message to his wife in a fundraising letter. And he said, ‘Melania. love you because even after all the indictments, all the arrests and the witch hunt, you never left my side.’

Check your side because I never see her there,” Maher continued, referring to how Melania Trump is almost never seen in public with Trump anymore.