Angel Reese seemingly copies Olivia Dunne’s social media strategy with nearly identical TikTok video

Star LSU student athletes Olivia Dunne and Angel Reese are often linked together because of their huge NIL earnings and engaging personalities on social media. But now, there’s another connection, as the two Tigers posted nearly identical videos on TikTok

Reese and Dunne both posted videos based on the TikTok sound “Are you from New York even?” It’s not uncommon on social media to see people post videos formed around a similar trend, but Reese’s came just four days after Dunne posted one from the same location.

Reese has a very different personality on social media than Dunne, but if there’s one person to copy on TikTok, it is probably Livvy herself. Her 7.8 million followers set the bar for other student-athletes who want to boost their influence. She appeared on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for this reason.

Dunne and Reese post famous boyfriends in New York
It wasn’t just the location and the sound that were identical on the LSU stars’ dueling TikTok videos. Both of them pointed the “are you from New York even” question at their boyfriends, who – you won’t believe it – are both big time athletes.

Dunne captioned her video “Paul’s first tok,” addressing her No. 1 MLB Draft pick boyfriend, Paul Skenes, who is a bit of a ghost on social media, but popped up to post photos of their romantic Christmas trip to New York. Where did they take a picture together?

The same place Angel recorded her video with her boyfriend, of course. New York is a popular getaway during the holidays, and Reese also took a separate trip from Dunne alongside her boyfriend, Florida State basketball player Cam’Ron Fletcher.

Whether Angel Reese and Olivia Dunne pay attention to what the other does on social media, nobody can say for sure. But one thing without doubt is that they are living their best lives, and sharing it with the world.