Adele, 35, has faced backlash over her ‘extortionate’ priced tickets for her Munich concert in the summer (pictured in 2023)

Adele had upset fans in the past with her ticket fees on her Weekends With residency opening shows in November 2022.

Tickets in the front row cost as much as £30k, while other VIP packages had seats and hotel deals set at around £200k.

The three hour extravaganza saw people splash out an average sum of £124.80.

Fellow 1970s debut rockers Queen, featuring founders Roger Taylor and Brian May, remain one of the hottest tickets on the planet at £119.80 per seat with US star Adam Lambert on lead vocals.

Ex Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel’s performances have been loved by fans who have paid £100.27 for a place in arenas and stadia.

Crooner Sir Rod Stewart keeps wowing crowds at £92.70 on average, while synth pop pioneers Depeche Mode still splash $118.78 a head.

Chris Martin – a sprightly 46 – and his band Coldplay band mates cost audiences £88.93 a shot.

Meanwhile Birmingham boys Duran Duran, led by 65-year-old Simon Le Bon, will set back a crowd £84.23

They are around the same price range as 29-year-old Harry Styles £86.08 and Ed Sheeran £82.07 – who are the youngest Brit entertainers bringing in most per seat at their performances.

Styles enjoyed revenue of £228m from his final 59 Harry’s House shows. Sheeran banked £210m from 54 stadium nights.

Ex Pink Floyd star Roger Waters, 80, comes in at number 12 in the top 100 of biggest 2023 tours with his seats averaging £80.74 ($103.45).

On Vividseats – a second hand seller – the highest spots cost over $40k for Adele at Caesars Palace Colosseum venue, where she often engages with fans in the front rows.

Last year music analytics company Pollstar ranked U2 are the band that music fans are happy to splash the most cash to see live, especially with their groundbreaking Las Vegas’ Sphereshows.

But the Irish band heads up a new chart which shows that British rockers over the age of 60 are the most popular for audiences when it comes to opening up their wallets – compared to younger chart stars.

Dublin stars U2 had audiences shell out a staggering £305.14 on average per set inside the £3bn technological centric, screen and stage experience on the Sin City strip.

Their closest Brit rival this year for price earning per ticket was former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, whose limited stadia gigs saw fans part with £128.81 a shot.

The Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert run of Sir Elton became the highest grossing tour of all time in the summer.